A Room with A View at Sole Kelowna

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It’s no secret, the Okanagan is renowned for its beauty, weather, lakes, landscapes and fabulous bounty. No wonder most of British Columbia and surrounding provinces are swarming to Kelowna and the Okanagan for lifestyle, relaxation and a place to call home.

At least that’s what it seems like at SOLE Kelowna these days. The interest in downtown condominium homes at SOLE Kelowna just keeps growing and it’s with excitement that we get to finally take you there.

It’s official, SOLE Hard Hat Tours started last weekend with friends joining us to preview Kelowna’s newest condominium real estate offering.
Led by our expert tour guide, Mark West of Epic Real Estate Solutions Inc., our SOLE Hard Hat Tour guests will see all floors at SOLE Kelowna, now that the sixth floor is built, framed and soundproofing is underway.
Once to the sixth floor, or any floor for that matter, you will see first hand the views from SOLE Kelowna. Of course, being located in the vibrant downtown core of Kelowna, British Columbia, SOLE Kelowna is surrounded by the convenience of Kelowna’s downtown business community. So, the higher you go the better the view, so much so that the sixth floor views are unencumbered and the sight lines to our beautiful Okanagan Lake are free and clear.
So, join us this weekend for another round of SOLE Hard Hat Tours. Preview the home layouts and flow, see the soundproofing techniques first hand, walk the halls and check out where the glass elevator will rise from. Stand on the 900 square foot common deck on the sixth floor and move through the gym space. Check out the views, ask questions and enjoy.
To arrange your SOLE Hard Hat Tour, register online now and place your tour request in the comments area. Mark West will be in touch to arrange a convenient time for your tour.
SOLE Hard Hat Tours will run weekends only, so the building crews at SOLE can stay hard at it throughout the week.

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